Military Must Avoid Alienating Anyone But White Men

In response to criticisms targeting the Biden administration for allegedly indulging in identity politics within the US Armed Forces, it seems they have opted to further embrace such practices.

A person who identifies as a woman, despite being assigned male at birth, explains how concerns over the military’s preparedness in addressing climate change, white privilege, and abortion restrictions could potentially compromise its readiness.

Skelly: Accusations of ‘Woke’ Military Jeopardize Preparedness

Serving as the assistant secretary of defense for readiness, Shawn Skelly is responsible for ensuring the military’s combat readiness, encompassing aspects such as training initiatives, equipment security, and munitions provisions.

Skelly has a clear message for those Republicans who claim the Department of Defense is prioritizing diversity and inclusion in the military, thereby jeopardizing preparedness. It is, in fact, their very accusations that are undermining the armed forces’ capacity for effective warfare.

Asserting the importance of readiness, Skelly conveyed that guaranteeing each member of the force can achieve their full potential and contribute as a valuable team player is vital.

Speaking at the Pentagon during their first comprehensive interview since assuming the position in 2021, Skelly emphasized the necessity of fostering an environment where everyone is recognized as valuable.

Skelly holds the distinction of being the DoD’s most senior openly transgender official and is the second individual to hold a position necessitating Senate approval. The first was Rachel Levine, who serves as the assistant secretary of health.

Skelly challenges accusations against diversity in the military

The appointment of Skelly was hailed as a robust endorsement for transgender troops currently serving openly, especially since President Joe Biden repealed the ban on transgender service members imposed during Trump’s tenure.

The military cannot afford to marginalize any individual, except, it seems, heterosexual, white, religious men, and those who decline vaccination.

It’s suggested that not allowing men to shower alongside women would compromise “military readiness” and “unit cohesion.” However, the dismissal of thousands of unvaccinated personnel is not seen as disruptive.

Skelly expressed uncertainty about the meaning of “wokeism,” stating it lacks a clear definition. However, they emphasized if individuals feel they will be treated unfairly because of their ethnicity, identity, or who they love, the military will face challenges.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.