Mike Pence Details Current Relationship with Fmr. President Trump

A lot has happened in American politics over the past 18 months. Many people throughout the nation have different viewpoints on the events that have taken places and the causes behind them.

In some cases, the varying perspectives have led to loss of relationships, bitter feuds, and even violent outbursts of anger. As the world becomes more unpredictable and contentious, gun purchases are rising.

Americans want to be able to defend themselves; moreover, with Democrats rallying behind the movement to defund police, cities like Austin, Texas, Seattle, Washington, and others are about to become a whole lot more dangerous.

The 2020 presidential election and its outcome stirred a lot of controversy, rage, and division. It even led to some perceived tensions between former Vice President Mike Pence and former President Donald Trump.

However, just earlier this week, the former vice president shared some information about where he stands in his relationship with Trump, Newsmax reports.

Pence on His Relationship with Trump

The specific matter leading towards tensions between the former president and his vice president dealt with vote certifications. As president of the Senate, Pence had the obligation of certifying states’ and Electoral College votes.

However, with massive reports of fraud and cheating, some people stated Pence should have merely refused to certify these votes. Still, as the former vice president himself noted, he lacked the legal and constitutional authority to refuse the counting of certified votes.

Moreover, the Senate president’s role in this regard merely serves as a formality. By the time states and the Electoral College certify votes, it’s a done deal. The time to litigate the 2020 presidential election came and went.

In any event, Pence revealed he’s spoken with Trump about 12 times since the pair left the White House in January. The former vice president also appeared to imply that he and Trump have “moved past” any tension which may have existed between the two.

According to Pence, his focus remains on the future.

Uniting the Republican Party

Due to the current White House administration and the tyranny coming from President Biden, uniting the Republican Party remains deeply imperative. At the end of the day, the GOP needs to take back the House and Senate from Democrats; at the very least, Republicans must win at least one majority.

Having Biden in office has amounted to nothing more than one disaster after the other. The best chance Republicans have in defeating Biden and his leftist allies is in uniting.

Mike Pence has played a vital role in conservative politics since leaving the White House. The former vice president continues to align himself with various organizations and support conservative causes.

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