Michiganders Under State of Emergency Until August 11

"Michigan Municipal League 2013 Conventio" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Michigan Municipal League (MML)

The state of Michigan has remained under some of the most stringent executive orders since coronavirus cases first began. Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) has made national headlines for her responses to COVID-19; Americans on both sides of the aisle maintain that at least some of Whitmer’s policies have gone too far.
In spite of backlash, the Michigan governor continues to lead in the ways that she determines to be appropriate. In interviews, Whitmer claims that she will not be “bullied” into rushing past precautions marketed as tools to stop coronavirus.

Reports from Fox News note that the governor of Michigan recently extended the state of emergency; this emergency declaration shall now maintain until at least August 11, 2020.

A Closer Look at Michigan’s State of Emergency

Yesterday, Whitmer signed a new executive order extending Michigan’s state of emergency for almost another month. The Michigan governor cited the deaths triggered by COVID-19 coupled with reported case surges as reasons for pushing the emergency declaration into August.
Per Whitmer’s public statement, COVID-19 has caused the deaths of “more than 6,000” Michigan residents. The Michigan governor noted that many who have passed from coronavirus are loved ones, relatives, and friends.

However, some Michiganders and other Americans believe that Whitmer played a role in certain coronavirus deaths. Whitmer, along with other Democrat governors, has recently come under fire for moving coronavirus patients into nursing homes; this is a move that many people believe endangered the lives of vulnerable patients within these facilities.

Return to Lockdown?

Like several other states across the country, Michigan has gradually rolled back some of its reopening measures, amid reports of coronavirus increases. Whitmer, for her part, maintains that scaling back is in the best interests of Michiganders across the state.

The seeming return to lockdown also comes amid national debates about whether or not to reopen schools. On that note, the Michigan governor has repeatedly affirmed that she will not allow schools to resume in-person operations until she believes that doing so is “safe” for all parties involved.
Many Americans in favor of reopening schools have noted studies showing the rarity of childhood transmission of coronavirus.
What do you think about the extended state of emergency in Michigan? Do you believe Governor Whitmer is acting on behalf of Michiganders’ best interests? Let us know down below in the comments section.