Michigan Governor Uses State Health Department to Force New Lockdown

"Remarks on Healthcare at Beech Woods Rec" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

Democrat governors across the nation are back to issuing broad and sweeping lockdowns; they cite these measures as necessary to stop COVID-19 transmission, despite the World Health Organization’s recent warnings against lockdowns weeks ago.
Michigan residents continue to remain under the thumb of a tyrannical governor that is desperate to maintain control and power over others. Earlier in the year, the state legislature pulled the emergency powers law that Governor Gretchen Whitmer used to issue unilateral orders, like shutdowns.

“Remarks on Healthcare at Beech Woods Rec” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

Whitmer hasn’t allowed this to deter her in the slightest though. Since the emergency powers law is no longer available to her, she’s now using the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) as a vehicle to issue her mandates.
According to Breitbart News, the latest mandate from Whitmer via the MDHHS is another sweeping lockdown.

What to Know About Michigan’s Newest Shutdown

Whitmer’s sweeping shutdown arrived for Michiganders yesterday night. Per the Michigan Health and Human Services Department, a three-week “emergency order” is in effect and the following businesses must shutter: indoor-dining bars and restaurants, indoor water parks, movie theaters, ice skating rinks, bowling centers, etc.

“Organized sports,” in-person high school classes, and “group fitness classes” also remain prohibited under the Democrat governor’s shutdown. Right now, the “emergency order” is set to last for three weeks; although, Whitmer’s likelihood of extending this order via the state’s Health and Human Services Department is high.
Over the course of this year, the Michigan governor repeatedly extended shutdowns, even after the massive job loss, mental health issues, and other problems subsequently followed.

Where is the Michigan State Legislature?

At this point, Whitmer’s use of the MDHHS to enact her order is no secret. As such, some have criticized the GOP-controlled state legislature for failing to take stronger actions.
Since yesterday night, members of the legislature have expressed their “disappointment” with Whitmer’s decisions. The Republican legislature also maintained their eagerness for bipartisan collaborations and solutions “when [Whitmer] decides it is worth her time.”

The Republican body then announced in a statement that the details of Whitmer’s latest order are under review.
Since the inception of COVID-19, Whitmer has made her lack of interest in bipartisan work very clear. At each and every turn possible, she’s sidestepped the Michigan legislature to do things her own way, passing broad and unilateral orders in the name of pseudoscience.
What do you think of the new lockdown Michiganders face? Will Governor Whitmer extend the order after the three weeks have passed? Let us know your take on all this in the comments section below!