Michigan Governor Slammed with New Lawsuit Over Safer-at-Home Order

"CapCon 2019 Governor Whitmer Speaking at" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Michigan Municipal League (MML)

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer maintains her refusal to relax her stringent stay home order, despite its negative impacts on residents. In addition to stating that Michigan won’t fully reopen without a vaccine, Whitmer has chosen to target business owners that are reopening on their own volition and in desperation to survive.

As a result of the governor’s heartless and careless actions, she is facing lawsuits from multiple groups and individuals. The latest individuals to sue the Michigan governor include State Health Director Robert Gordon, State Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Jeffery Gulick, a Michigander and patient of multiple health centers.
According to Townhall, the aforementioned individuals maintain that Gov. Whitmer’s endless extensions of her safer-at-home order violate the United States Constitution. Additional issues of contention in the lawsuit pertain to the fact that Whitmer has chosen to bypass the Michigan legislature when issuing extensions.

What to Know About the Latest Lawsuit Against Governor Whitmer

In the suit against Whitmer, the multiple plaintiffs assert that COVID-19’s curve has already been flattened, despite the Michigan governor’s continued prolongations of her order. Furthermore, the suit maintains that “severe restrictions” have been imposed upon the liberties and freedoms of individuals and businesses.

Whitmer is additionally being censured and sued by doctors for lengthening Michigan’s state of emergency, despite lacking approval from the state legislature. It’s important to note that earlier this month, both the Michigan House of Representatives and the Michigan Senate also sued Whitmer for extending the state of emergency without legislative approval.
Due to the already-flattened curve of coronavirus, plaintiffs in the suit are urging for the allowance of elective medical procedures.
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