Michigan Governor Could Soon be Voted Out of Office

Across the nation, various gubernatorial elections are coming up next year. These races will be a test on how governors have led their states and whether or not they have earned enough support to get another term in office.

The coronavirus pandemic has played a role in thrusting governors into the national spotlight. Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has received accolades for working to keep the virus at bay without completing eroding his state residents’ freedoms in the process.

Other governors, such as Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, chose the opposite course. For months on end, Whitmer launched an all-out assault against the freedoms of Michiganders. She repeatedly implemented statewide shutdowns, even limiting the groceries Michigan residents could purchase in stores.

Whitmer took a lot of heat over this last year. Now, with 2021 approaching its home stretch, it appears that many Michiganders haven’t forgotten the height of their governor’s tyrannical leadership.

A new poll now indicates that Whitmer could soon be voted out of office, due to losing support from a key voter bloc, as Breitbart News explains.

Bad News for the Michigan Governor

As it turns out, the voters in Michigan who have soured the most on Whitmer are Independent voters. A brand new Glengariff Group poll confirms that 51% of Independent voters disapprove of the Michigan Democrat governor; meanwhile, just 39% approve.

Additional information from this poll moreover showed that fewer than five in ten voters overall in Michigan approve of Whitmer. While 48% note their approval, 46% cite disapproval. The reality that Independents are driving the disapproval of Whitmer speaks volumes about the reality of her election chances.

For quite some time, Michigan Republicans have been slowly working on keeping Whitmer’s tyranny at bay. However, this has proven challenging, seeing as Michigan is regarded as quite a leftist state.

This is not to say that it’s impossible for Michigan to flip red. It will, however, require concerted effort and bringing over more Michigan Independents to vote alongside Michigan Republicans.

Getting Democrats Out of Office

Winning over support from Independent voters will be a vital part of getting Democrats out of office. At this point, it’s a given that the vast majority of Democrats will vote for Democrat candidates; likewise, the vast majority of Republicans will vote for Republican candidates.

Whitmer is not the only Democrat that Independents have soured on as of late. Polls taken as recently as earlier this month show that Independents aren’t too keen on Biden right now, either.

As Republicans work to boot Democrats out of office nationwide, getting support from Independent voters is paramount. It can mean the different between the GOP winning or losing elections.

Do you think the current Democrat governor of Michigan will win re-election? Can Republican voters win over Independents? Let us know in the comments section below.