Michigan Governor Could Lose Her Re-election Bid

In the state of Michigan, incumbent Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is up for re-election.

Whitmer’s governorship in the Wolverine State has not been without a series of scandals that could seriously backfire on her. Many Michiganders weren’t pleased in 2020 when she implemented harsh lockdowns and even restricted what people could buy in grocery stores.


That’s not to mention her November 2021 trip to California for fundraising; meanwhile, residents of her state were forced to contend with a surge of omicron.

The Michigan Republican Party has made it clear Governor Whitmer failed their state and they want her out of office. Moreover, a new poll shows the incumbent Democrat could soon be on her way out of the governor’s mansion, as Breitbart News covers.

Trouble Ahead for Whitmer

According to Blueprint Polling, Whitmer is significantly underwater with Independents; this is especially true when she’s put up against Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate James Craig.

Craig enjoys 41% support from Independent voters in Michigan; meanwhile, Whitmer trails him by several points at just 33%. Although, in a hypothetical general election matchup for the Michigan governorship, Craig and Whitmer are both tied at 44% each.

Before Whitmer served as Michigan’s governor, the state had a Republican in the governor’s mansion. Judging from Whitmer’s leadership and the various scandals tied to choices she’s made, Michiganders may decide they don’t want a Democrat leading their state.

The Michigan Republican Party

In the Wolverine State, the Michigan GOP remains fiercely critical of how their governor has chosen to lead. Republicans maintain that Whitmer was not only tyrannical on COVID, but she also broke a series of campaign promises regarding taxes and other matters.

That’s not to mention the adverse impact that Biden’s policies have inflicted upon the state of Michigan. Still, Whitmer has been a key supporter and ally of Biden, standing with him at just about every turn.

Biden’s approval ratings are not very good in Michigan.

This, too, could end up working against Whitmer as she works to hold onto her seat. The Republican Party of Michigan is making sure to let voters know how the Biden-Whitmer alliance put the squeeze on people in their state.

Across the United States, more and more Americans seem to be getting fatigued by the Democrat Party’s leadership, especially after the events of the past two years.

In different gubernatorial races, the momentum appears to be on the side of Republicans. This is apparent in Florida, Texas, Georgia, and other states. In the months to come, America will get a better look at Whitmer’s odds of winning re-election.

Do you think Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer stands a chance of winning a second term? We’d love to read your predictions in the comments area.