Michigan Democrats Underwater in New Polls

Michigan, like other states controlled by Democrats, is having a turbulent go of things lately. During 2020, the Wolverine State was faced with some of the harshest shelter-in-place orders and other restrictions.

On multiple occasions, Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer found herself in battles with business owners who didn’t want to lose everything because of her lockdown orders.

Meanwhile, Whitmer disregarded her own orders on multiple occasions, such as the time she traveled to visit her father in Florida, after calling for residents of her state to abstain from travel.

This year, Whitmer is up for re-election in the Michigan gubernatorial race. She’s not doing so well in the polls and neither are other Democrats in general, as reported by Breitbart News.

Bad News for Democrats in Michigan

According to a poll run by ABC12 News, just 32% of voters in the Wolverine State have a favorable outlook on President Biden’s job performance. Meanwhile, a grand 66% of Michiganders maintain an unfavorable stance on Biden.

Governor Whitmer isn’t doing much better as she faces re-election in her state. 52% of Michigan residents view their Democrat governor in a negative light; meanwhile, just 45% view Whitmer positively.

Correspondingly, 49% of Michiganders want Whitmer out of office after her current term expires. Merely 41% of Wolverine State residents are supportive of the governor getting another term in office.

Between the negative polls for both Whitmer and Biden, there is a possibility Michigan could flip red. The last time the Wolverine State had a GOP governor was from 2011 to 2018 when Rick Snyder was in power.

Michigan Republicans have been furious with Whitmer’s lockdowns and the other policies she’s embraced throughout her gubernatorial term. Time will tell if the Michigan GOP is able to succeed in its goals to retire the current governor.

Recent Scandal for the Michigan Democratic Party

Earlier this month, the Michigan Democratic Party landed in hot water when it released a social media post deriding parents. The post declared that parents aren’t the “clients” of public school systems, but rather the public itself is.

Furthermore, the Michigan Democratic Party also elected to state that parents who wish to have a say in what their kids are learning can opt to have their kids put into private schools.

This didn’t go over well; the message was widely panned. Eventually, the Michigan Democratic Party took down the post and issued a statement walking back the original message. However, the damage was already done.

What do you think about Democrats’ lousy poll numbers in the state of Michigan? Do you believe Republicans have a chance of flipping the Wolverine State back into the red? In the comments area down below, let us know what you think the future of Michigan looks like.