Merit to be Favored Over Family Ties for Immigration System

New developments have affirmed that the White House will favor merit over family ties, as it pertains to immigration into America. The announcement of this development comes from senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, as documented by Fox News.

Reviewing the New Immigration Proposal

Kushner provided new details about the immigration proposal and why it’s important to prioritize merit over family ties during a sit-down at New York City’s Time 100 Summit:

“I do believe that the president’s position on immigration has been maybe defined by his opponents by what he’s against as opposed to what he’s for. What I’ve done is I’ve tried to put together a very detailed proposal for him. We want to protect our country’s humanitarian values. We want to make sure we’re reunifying families, and we want to do this in a way that allows our country to be competitive long term. My hope is we can really do something that unifies people around what we’re for on immigration.”

The senior White House adviser also stated that the immigration proposal will likely go through some changes once it’s presented to the president. However, the plan which Kushner discusses seems to align with the president’s values as they pertain to immigration. Trump has previously stated that merit-based immigration is critical to the continued success and growth of America.

Trouble with Immigration

The immigration proposal which is currently in the works couldn’t possibly come at a better time. To date, there are still a series of issues with immigration, particularly with people who wish to enter the country illegally. Constantly having to take various offenders into custody has already put a strain on the resources of Border Patrol officials.
Also, the new caravan which is currently making its way to the United States doesn’t help matters either.
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