Memorial Day Weekend Riddled With Mass Flight Problems

Across the country, Americans are celebrating Memorial Day. While the official holiday isn’t until Monday, people are still going to events, spending time with loved ones, and otherwise looking forward to a great holiday.

For a good amount of Americans, plans for Memorial Day weekend involve traveling. There’s a fair number of people who want to see places, friends, or attend events that are a little ways away from them.

In many cases, this involves air travel. Already this year, airlines have run into some complications; however, Memorial Day weekend seems to have brought about another snag for the air travel industry.

Thus far, throughout the weekend, thousands of Americans have been forced to contend with flights being cancelled and delayed, according to New York Post.

A Deep Dive into Memorial Day Travel Problems

People flying from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport or with Delta Airlines have been experiencing a significant number of flights being either delayed or cancelled.

Delta’s already announced its decision to soon begin cutting up to 100 flights per day. However, current problems with flights have been attributed to air traffic struggles, along with bad weather.

In a statement to the media, Delta Airlines expressed its goal of getting flights cancelled at least one day in advance so that travelers aren’t left stranded at the 11th hour with little recourse.

Regarding mass issues with Delta flights piling up, some Americans have been turning to other airlines to get themselves from point a to point b. This is crucial for many travelers who have plans expressly for this holiday weekend.

A PR Nightmare

Seeing as most of this weekend’s flight cancellations and delays are being traced back to Delta Airlines, it’s not a good look for the company.

Many social media users are blasting Delta, claiming the airline failed to help them get reassigned to other flights when the originals were cancelled.

Airlines, in general, have been struggling to keep up with surging travel demands, especially amid a pilot shortage. As one of the major airlines, however, Delta’s problems ripple out and impact broader numbers of individuals.

Needless to say, record numbers of angry customers who are stranded isn’t good for Delta or any airline. It remains to be seen how long Delta Airlines will need to fix its current issues.

In the meantime, though, travelers could very well decide to take their business to other airlines with fewer issues and cancellations.

Do you think Memorial Day weekend travelers are going to continue running into problems and delays with their flights? How much longer do you think Delta Airlines will need to iron out the problems it’s dealing with?

Readers are more than welcome to share their thoughts and predictions in the comments area below.