Medical Services Now in Danger from Supply Chain Crisis


The supply chain crisis is getting more and more dangerous, thanks to the clown show in the White House. America is being led by a crew of leftists who are taking a sledgehammer to the nation and then calling it building back better.

America’s current supply chain crisis is a serious threat that one should not underestimate. For starters, grocery store prices are definitely increasing even beyond standard inflation levels.

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Moreover, the housing market is set to become more volatile. Amid long waits for necessary tools to construct homes in the United States, delays translate to funds lost; therefore, the costs (once again) get passed down to customers.

In a new, disturbing turn of events, the American public is now learning emergency medical services are threatened by the ongoing supply chain crisis, per Breitbart News.

The Threat to America’s Emergency Medical Services

On Monday, Washington business owner Tricia Stockwell shined some light on the lesser-known ramifications of the supply chain crisis. Stockwell owns Columbia River Auto Glass and says due to the president’s supply chain crisis, she’s having trouble meeting the needs of emergency medical service groups.

To be precise, Stockwell explained windshield repairs are getting tougher, due to overall shortages of glass. The business owner noted she’s used all of the glass she had stocked up; meanwhile, glass manufacturers aren’t even operating at 100% capacity now.

Stockwell’s business has been up and running for 13 years; in this time, she’s never had any issues with supplying emergency medical service groups until now. The Washington business owner later revealed she’s getting calls from fire departments and sheriff offices that need her services.

Obliviousness from the White House

When it comes to the worsening offshoots of the supply chain crisis, the Biden administration remains as oblivious as ever. They’re lying to the American public and trying to undermine what’s really happening.

Earlier this week on Twitter, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg declared Biden’s infrastructure bill is key to unclogging the bottlenecked ports. Buttigieg also admitted to CNN recently that the supply chain problems are going to remain with the country even after 2022 arrives.

The White House, thus far, has not spoken about the harmful impacts emergency medical services are suffering due to the supply chain crisis. If this comes up during a press briefing, Americans can be sure press secretary Jen Psaki will downplay what’s going on.

The Biden administration, each and every day, continues showing the American public its lack of fitness to lead the nation. It’s unfortunate that this is where we are in the United States after nine months of Biden’s presidency.

Are you concerned about the impacts the supply chain crisis is having on emergency medical services in the United States? We’d like your feedback below in the comments field.