Media Eats Heaping Plate Of Crow After Trump Makes Surprise Visit To MLK Memorial

The mainstream media continues to embarrass themselves with inaccurate and negative stories about President Donald Trump. Earlier today, they were forced to eat crow after putting out prior reports which alleged that the president had no plans to celebrate or acknowledge Martin Luther King Jr. Day; The Daily Caller News Foundation reports.

A Closer Look at the Inaccurate Report

Splinter News, ShareBlue, and Vibe each claimed that the president essentially planned to ignore Martin Luther King Jr. Day. These outlets furthermore maintained that Trump’s now debunked “ignorance” of the national holiday mirrored his values and inner beliefs. Some excerpts of the downright untrue reports read as follows:

“The rejection of King is a break from recent presidential tradition. Trump chose not to honor King and it speaks volumes about the values he embodies and the mindset he operates with.”

Another outlet alleged that President Trump would employ the ongoing government shutdown as a reason to “ignore” Martin Luther King Jr. Day:

“Most likely Trump will use the partial government shutdown, which he himself created, as his excuse to not participate in tomorrow’s public services and memorials. Trump hates doing anything that doesn’t directly bring him attention and praise. So of course he’d skip MLK Day.”

Forced to Eat Crow

Like so many times prior, the media was forced to eat crow when President Trump and Vice President Pence did, in fact, visit the MLK Memorial earlier this morning. The pair also paid tribute to King’s legacy during a moment of silence which took place during the laying of the wreath at the memorial.
The president also delivered some brief remarks during his time at the MLK Memorial:
“Good morning, everybody. Great day. Beautiful day. Thank you for being here. Appreciate it.”
Quite frankly, it’s very unfortunate that the media is so overcome with loathing for the sitting president. The press constantly complains when conservatives and Trump supporters accuse them of perpetrating fake news; however, they continue to put out incorrect reports. The allegation that Trump was “doing nothing” for Martin Luther King Jr. Day simply wasn’t accurate.
The media does not have to like President Trump, but they do have the responsibility to cover events fairly and accurately. At this point, they still have some serious work to do in this particular arena.