Matt Walsh Pulls Out of Planned Speech Amid Threats

The Nashville school shooting last month has been largely deemed as a hate crime because Christians were targeted. Even in the aftermath of the school shooting, some people on the left are still assigning blame to both Christians and conservatives.

The narrative here is that the right ultimately pushed the school shooter, who identified as transgender, into committing the aforementioned crime. However, this sentiment was rightfully denounced as victim blaming that could potentially put more people in the line of fire.

Since the incident in Nashville, conservative commentator Matt Walsh reported that his family has received various threats. These threats led to Walsh cancelling a speech he had planned at Washington and Lee University, according to the National Review.

What Happened?

In a statement, the conservative commentator revealed that due to threats against his family, he’s not going to be able to leave the state for a speaking engagement.

Walsh said his wife and kids come first, before noting the “coming weeks” are going to see him pick up his speaking tour again.

In further remarks, Walsh confirmed that he’s going to keep fighting “evil” and he won’t allow himself to be bullied into silence, nor will he allow his family to be harmed.

Unacceptable in Society

It remains extremely problematic when threats and acts of violence are used to control and shut people down. Unfortunately, there is no indication of these things going away.

In fact, some trans activists on social media have posted about the need to take “vengeance” against particular individuals. Others have railed against laws in various states, like Tennessee, that prohibit kids from undergoing gender reassignment medical procedures.

Matt Walsh did not provide a date for when his speaking tour will reconvene. Though his statement makes it clear that this latest postponement certainly isn’t the end of things.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.