Massachusetts is Now Home to a Let’s Go Brandon Store

In Biden’s America, there are many things to be unhappy about, like the massive rise in living costs across the country. This comes at an unspeakably inopportune time, considering what Americans have been through over the past two years.

Then, there’s the fact that our national security is at risk. With no real management at the southern border, just about anyone can come in. At this point, “anyone” could mean terrorists, people who are smuggling drugs, human traffickers, etc.

Biden has consistently shown he’s not interested in facing the real issues that matter to the American people. He’s also not being honest about the magnitude of issues he’s creating.

This could explain why the anti-Biden slogan known as Let’s Go Brandon continues to get more and more prevalent, as documented by Fox News.

The Let’s Go Brandon Store

North Attleboro, Massachusetts is home to a Let’s Go Brandon store. This particular shop sells all sorts of paraphernalia with the Let’s Go Brandon slogan on it. According to certain claims surfacing on social media, before this shop sold Let’s Go Brandon gear, it also sold pro-Trump attire.

Anyone who finds themselves in this area of Massachusetts and wants to purchase shirts, flags, or other attire with Let’s Go Brandon on it can do so at this store. News about America’s first Let’s Go Brandon store arrives as other people make the most of this slogan.

For instance, there are firearm manufacturers putting Let’s Go Brandon on different firearms and gun pieces. There’s even a bakery in Minnesota that is selling Let’s Go Brandon cookies.

In the state of Florida, several of the beach and souvenir shops have begun selling t-shirts with Let’s Go Brandon on them. The more time passes, the more Americans find creative and fun ways to say Let’s Go Brandon.

What Does the White House Think?

A few weeks prior, the White House was questioned about its views on scores of Americans saying Let’s Go Brandon in various fashions. According to Jen Psaki, the press secretary, the president isn’t too focused on the movement that is Let’s Go Brandon.

However, the 46th president’s lack of focus on the matter is precisely the problem. Biden is not paying attention. He’s not alert or mindful about what Americans think of his presidency and his policies.

Clearly, the 46th president believes if he stands before a podium and spews enough lies, Americans will fall for it. This isn’t working out so well for Biden, though. This is also why Let’s Go Brandon is here to remain for the foreseeable future to come.

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