Mass Freedom Rallies Happening on May 1 to Protest Shutdowns

"Liberate Minnesota protest at the Govern" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Lorie Shaull

The time of Americans idly sitting back as governments twiddle their thumbs and determine which businesses to shutter is over. It’s done. People aren’t having it; Americans are tired and ready to get back to work. Destroying an economy and plunging 26 million people into joblessness over a virus that is mild 80% of the time is the biggest sham known to humanity.

This is why May 1, 2020 marks MAGA Mayday, the day when multiple freedom rallies will take place in this country. According to the events page on the MAGA Mayday website, thousands of Americans will convene across the nation to tell state and federal officials that it’s time to reopen this country.

What to Know about the Mayday Freedom Rallies on May 1

MAGA Mayday organizers and rally participants strive to accomplish a series of objectives. Those objectives entail restoring America’s independence, shielding our nation’s constitutional rights, and getting this country reopened in a safe and responsible manner.
Thus far, freedom rallies are set to take place in the following states on Friday, May 1:

  • Hawaii
  • Arizona
  • Massachusetts
  • California
  • Kentucky
  • Oregon
  • Illinois
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • Wisconsin
  • Nevada
  • Idaho
  • Pennsylvania

In states like California and Illinois, there will be freedom rallies happening in multiple cities this Friday. On their website, MAGA Mayday called out “local and state government tyrants” for infringing upon Americans’ civil liberties and constitutional rights.

The End of Lockdowns

For all intents and purposes, lockdowns are over. In this month alone, there have been countless protests happening across the nation as people demand to return to their jobs and businesses.
Likewise, many governors enacting shutdowns and stay home orders have faced lawsuits, with some orders being challenged in the Supreme Court. The upcoming series of freedom rallies on May 1 only further proves that people in this country are done being told to stay home.

Lockdowns in America are no more; at this point, it’s just a matter of determining how long governors will take to acknowledge that shutdowns are over. Some good news is that certain governors in Southern red states have already started to gradually ease lockdown restrictions.
Will you be attending one of the freedom rallies on MAGA Mayday? Let us know in the comments section below!