Mass Antifa Riots Take a New Turn

In Atlanta, Georgia, a training facility meant for law enforcement officers is being built. However, various anti-police individuals and groups on the left wing do not like this.

Dubbing the training facility “Cop City,” there have been violent riots from those who oppose it. These riots led to the destruction of property, damages that will be expensive to repair, multiple arrests, and even domestic terrorism charges brought against individuals involved.

Earlier this month, the riots in Atlanta went viral. Though as pointed out by the Daily Mail, Georgia’s capital city isn’t the only location where these criminal and violent demonstrations are taking place.

What’s Happening?

In New York City and other communities outside of Atlanta, Antifa has decided to destroy property, break glass, and go after various businesses tied to the police training facility. Some of these businesses include Wells Fargo, Amazon, Porsche, and Bank of America.

Supporters of the movement to “Stop Cop City” have also proudly boasted of their actions that are meant to sabotage the training facility from coming to fruition.

Apparently, Antifa and other violent rioters are upset because they think the training facility will not only have a positive impact on the law enforcement community. It is also the view of the rioters that the environment will suffer if the training facility isn’t stopped.

Because of this, rioters are putting glue on ATM machines, slashing tires, and targeting staffers and residents with ties to the Altanta-based training facility. Certain communities such as Atlas in New York City are especially coming under fire.

No Justification For This

Regardless of how angry Antifa and other demonstrators may be about Atlanta’s training facility for police officers, it doesn’t give them the right to break the law.

Left-wing demonstrators are indeed within their rights to protest. However, they are not within their rights to slash tires, vandalize property, harass people, and otherwise cause problems.

Right now, the very actions of Antifa are a prime example of why law enforcement is so necessary. Already, within the past few years, there’s been a hit to the morale and presence of police.

Many quit their jobs or retired in the wake of the summer 2020 riots and overall societal frown upon the law enforcement community. This doesn’t bode well for anyone, especially for law-abiding citizens who are most likely to be targeted when criminals believe they can get away with things.

Right now, the current situation has the potential to spiral even further out of control, unless all individuals currently committing crimes are held accountable by the law.