Marjorie Taylor Greene to Join Homeland Security Committee

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has announced that she will join the House Homeland Security Committee.

Her detractors are appalled by this choice and find it hard to believe that a former 9/11 truther and proponent of numerous conspiracy theories will now sit on a committee that makes decisions about America’s defense.

Greene to Join Security Committee

The announcement was made on Tuesday as the 118th Congress’ committee designations were made public, following the drawn-out vote to approve Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House.

In what many believed to be a move in his favor, Ms. Greene made the notable decision not to support right-wing, anti-McCarthy rebels in their attempt to defeat his campaign.

The Georgia congresswoman lost her committee memberships during the previous Congress after it was discovered that a Facebook profile in her name “liked” comments praising violent behavior against Democrats. She will now be granted access to possibly delicate classified material.

The vast list of offenses that resulted in her punishment by the House in 2021 includes films showing her making outrageously false accusations about her political adversaries as a conservative activist, even going to the extent of accusing the Clinton family of the killing of John F. Kennedy Jr.

She went on to try and distance herself from as many in one go in a bizarre address to the House floor in February 2021. She accurately stated 9/11 definitely happened and  school shootings are completely true.

However, under McCarthy’s razor-thin control in the incoming Congress, Greene will see herself freshly strengthened as long as she stays true to the speaker, whose position is anticipated to be precarious.

Those attempts were inadequate to fend off retribution from a Democratic Congress. Democrats on Tuesday voiced dismay over her selection and brought up her prior comments.

The previous vice chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, Ritchie Torres, a Democrat, posted on Twitter that he’s horrified that it was just revealed Marjorie Taylor Greene would serve on the committee.

He stated that a member of the Jan. 6 revolt and QAnon conspiracy theorist doesn’t belong on a commission against extremism.

Ted Lieu wrote this is example 9,387 as to why House Republicans can be so extreme: they appointed Marjorie Taylor Greene to the Homeland Security Committee.

She raiseed doubts about whether a “so-called plane” that struck the Pentagon on September 11th actually did so, among other absurd conspiracy ideas.

Questionable Decisions

Despite increasing calls from lawmakers from both parties for him to resign or be expelled from Congress, George Santos was appointed to the House Committee on Small Business today, joining Greene as another contentious member of the House.

He is still being investigated by the state and the federal government after lying repeatedly about his past, prior to last year’s House election.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.