Marjorie Taylor Greene Stands by Boyfriend Amid Drag Video Backlash

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, the well-known 48-year-old Republican representative from Georgia, faced a wave of backlash after an activist group shared an old video of her boyfriend dressed up as a drag queen on a Dallas morning TV show.

In response to critics branding her a “hypocrite,” due to her known opposition to drag, she took to Twitter, dubbing these liberal detractors “so stupid.”

Accusations of Hypocrisy: Greene Defends Boyfriend’s TV Stint

The brief footage became a hot topic online.

PatriotTakes, a left-leaning Twitter account, shared a clip of her new significant other, Brian Glenn, donned with a blonde wig in a pink dress for a TV newscast.

Bidding goodbye to the footwear, but contemplating keeping the pantyhose, Glenn humorously remarked during the broadcast: “I’m kicking these shoes off, but I may keep the pantyhose on. It does feel kind of good, actually.”

The timing of the original broadcast remains unknown.

Greene and her boyfriend faced accusations of hypocrisy from critics, as the congresswoman has publicly expressed disapproval of drag shows, particularly for children.

In a response on Twitter, Greene clarified the context behind her boyfriend’s cross-dressing incident:

“My boyfriend dressed in drag for a morning news show in Dallas years ago to report on an upcoming local theater production. The folks at Patriot Takes somehow think this is an attack.”

Brian Glenn’s Response to Drag Controversy and Recent Remarks

Her beau, Brian Glenn, now serving as the programming director at Right Side Broadcasting Network, shrugged off the incident, insisting it was all in jest.

“I did some crazy stuff for morning TV! Loved every moment of it and so did the viewers of @wfaa @WFAADaybreak,” he tweeted, showcasing his sense of humor about the incident.

“Good thing I can laugh at myself!”

However, Glenn’s recent remark about WNBA star Brittney Griner sparked controversy. He misgendered Griner, who is a woman, referring to her as a man. This comment was made on Monday.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.