Man Tries To Throttle McDonald's Employee Over Plastic Straws; She Serves Him A SUPER-SIZED WHOOPING

Usually, the holidays are regarded as times of good cheer and warmness. However, the holidays can also sometimes bring out the worst in people; this sentiment is especially applicable to 40-year-old Daniel Willis Taylor, a man who has gone viral following his attack on a female McDonald’s employee on New Year’s Eve.
This incident was documented by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

What Happened?

The altercation first began upon Taylor’s displeasure of the lack of straws appearing in the condiments area. Rather than simply going without a straw, the Taylor brought his concerns to the female McDonald’s employee; she informed Taylor that, by law, St. Petersburg establishments are disallowed from keeping straws in their lobbies.
This prompted Taylor to profanely deny the existence of the law before resort to violence; he is seen on video reaching over and grabbing the McDonald’s employee’s shirt. Immediately after, the female worker punched Taylor several times, prompting him to let go and call for her to be fired.
See for yourself below:

A Witness Statement

Brenda Biandudi, the woman who captured the incident on her cell phone, shared the following statements about what happened:

“She told him that it’s the law now that they’re not supposed to have the straws in the lobby. He said there’s no such law. I said, this is getting a little heated here. I better get my camera ready in case somebody needs to know what happened.”

However, Taylor’s harassment was apparently not limited to the female McDonald’s employee. He also went after the manager of the restaurant, according to Biandudi.

“He came back in the store and went behind the counter and got in the manager’s face. Another employee, a bigger guy, he actually grabbed the guy and put him outside the door and locked the door.”

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