Man Finds WWII Era Hand Grenade, Immediately Drives It To Local Taco Bell

It’s definitely fair to say that 2019 has gotten off to an eventful start. This goes not just for politics, but also general news.
According to The Daily Caller News Foundation, a man who stumbled upon a World War II hand grenade decided that he would first run by Taco Bell prior to alerting the authorities about the dangerous explosive in his possession.

What Happened?

During a fishing trip in Ocala, Florida, an unnamed man came across a hand grenade on Saturday. Now, most people would have immediately phoned the police and allowed them to take the appropriate steps to handle a deadly explosive. However, the Florida man decided upon a different course of action. Rather than calling the authorities, he decided to first swing by Taco Bell in order to grab a bite to eat BEFORE calling the authorities.
Somehow, Taco Bell realized that the man was in possession of a dangerous hand grenade. The authorities were subsequently called while that particular Taco Bell was also evacuated for hours in order to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.
The Ocala Police Department provided a statement about the incident via Twitter:

If you ever happen to find yourself in possession of a dangerous explosive, please do not go to Taco Bell. Please call the authorities IMMEDIATELY!
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