Major Element of Nashville Mass Shooting Remains Under Wraps

Almost one month ago, six people died after a mass shooter in Nashville, Tennessee entered a Christian school and began opening fire. This shooter is said to have attended the school in previous years.

Another element of this story is the fact that the shooter was, in fact, transgender. In the aftermath of this tragedy, some people started pointing the finger at Republicans and saying they were the real masterminds behind what took place in Nashville.

Meanwhile, there’s an entirely added element to this case that remains under wrap. This ultimately deals with the manifesto of the Nashville mass shooter and the fact that it has yet to be released, according to Red State.

Why is This a Secret?

So far, multiple reports have indicated that the Nashville mass shooter possessed a manifesto explaining their thoughts, mindset, and the motivations for taking six innocent lives that included children.

Yet, this manifesto is surprisingly being kept under wraps. Lawyers are not pressing the Justice Department to make it public. At the same time, both the Nashville Police Department and the FBI aren’t taking action to release the manifesto.

Some conservatives have tried to bring legal action against the groups that are keeping this information from the public. However, conservatives who want to do this are struggling to find the necessary representation.

Hidden Motivations Suspected

Some Americans believe if the Nashville shooter’s manifesto is brought to light, it’ll indicate what happened was a hate crime against Christians. Others have stated there could be additional details in this manifesto that authorities and others don’t want Americans to be privy to.

Nevertheless, releasing the manifestos of mass shooters is not some wild-eyed proposal. It’s happened many times before and answered questions Americans had in the wake of similar tragedies.

Though this time around, it seems the powers that be won’t allow this to happen.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.