Madison Cawthorn Facing Multiple Scandals Ahead of Re-election

Many Americans are at least slightly familiar with GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn.

Back in 2020, Cawthorn made history for being the youngest lawmaker elected into Congress. He comes from North Carolina and has established a political brand as a populist, Christian conservative.

In spite of this, Cawthorn’s faced a series of negative press and stories covering his behavior. It’s made some Republicans do a double-take, especially as the GOP works to regain the House majority, as well as the one in the Senate.

At this time, the North Carolina congressman is less than 14 days away from his state’s primary election. However, a series of scandals and a recent graphic video leak of him threaten to derail his political future, per The Hill.

Growing Issues with Cawthorn

This past Wednesday, a video leaked online of Cawthorn nude, in bed, and rubbing his private parts on the face of another man. There was shouting heard in the footage and it’s unclear if a third person was in the room recording the event.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t really fit with Cawthorn’s branding of being a Christian conservative. Since this footage leaked, the North Carolina congressman claimed it was a blackmail attempt; he also said the video is just him horsing around with a friend.

Since he’s been in office, Cawthorn’s been cited twice for trying to bring firearms through airport security checkpoints. This is strictly prohibited and the legal means of traveling with a firearm in checked baggage that’s declared to the airline is not hard.

The Republican also had to explain away photos that leaked of him at a party wearing women’s lingerie.

This came in addition to Cawthorn claiming that various lawmakers invited him to sex and orgy parties, along with getting busted for driving with a license that’s expired.

Backlash From Republicans

Within the past several weeks, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Whip Steve Scalise have pulled Cawthorn aside for a conversation about his behavior.

Meanwhile, GOP Sen. Thom Tillis is backing a Republican challenger to Cawthorn. Tillis maintains that the combination of Cawthorn’s various bad acts is a problem, rather than just one isolated incident by itself.

Other North Carolina Republicans maintain that Cawthorn’s refusal to take responsibility for his behavior poses problems for the party in general. That’s not to mention the ammunition it gives Democrats to paint all GOP members with one broad brush.

This month will determine whether or not Cawthorn’s scandals prevent him from winning his primary race in North Carolina.

What do you make of this new video that has leaked of Madison Cawthorn? Do you believe he’ll manage to win his primary race in North Carolina? Let us know in the comments area.