Louisiana Residents Now Mandated to Wear Face Masks

"President Trump Meets with the Governor" (Public Domain) by The White House

The national battle over face mask mandates continues as various states and localities require them. Leaders on both sides of the political aisle who have issued face mask mandates cite them as tools for the greater good. They also maintain that “the science” links face masks to fewer coronavirus cases.

As “requirements” for face coverings pop up across the nation, so is pushback. Many governors and other officials are on the receiving end of lawsuits due to their face mask requirements. Opposers of forced masking argue that such mandates are civil rights violations and unconstitutional.
Yesterday, Louisiana became the latest state to require its residents to wear face masks. Governor John Edwards (D) put forth the mandate yesterday, as confirmed by sources.

A Closer Look at Mandatory Masking in Louisiana

Yesterday, the Louisiana governor enacted a statewide masking mandate that goes into effect tomorrow. Under this mandate, anyone above the age of eight-years-old is required to wear a face mask; this goes for both inside and outside environments.

In making this announcement, the Democrat governor also bemoaned the “political dynamic” that presently revolves around face coverings. Edwards stated that this dynamic “doesn’t make any sense” to him; he then alleged that masks “work” and are necessary to stop COVID-19.
Along with issuing a forced masking mandate, the Louisiana governor is also ordering bars across the state to close their dining room doors.

Pushback Against Mandatory Masking in Louisiana

Following Governor Edwards’ masking mandate came swift and immediate backlash. GOP Rep. Danny McCormick slammed forced masking, stating that the government shouldn’t have the power to force people into masks.
The conservative representative also noted that a government that can force people into masks can also mandate injections and microchips at a later time. McCormick is not alone in this outlook either; many Americans who take issue with mandatory face coverings have also pointed out the dangerous, slippery slope that such mandates create.

The Louisiana governor, for his part, has dismissed concerns about government-mandated face masks. This is in keeping with how many leaders have responded to pushback against forced masking. Several of these officials are presently facing lawsuits as a result.
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