Los Angeles Residents Protest Local COVID Vaccine Mandate


Nationwide battles and debates over COVID vaccine mandates continue. Many Americans in the country are growing increasingly uncomfortable with edicts that demand them to take the coronavirus vaccine or lose their jobs.

As more unhappiness arises over these mandates, Americans are protesting, implementing noncompliance, and even initiating legal challenges. At the federal level, it looks like Biden’s going to have a rough time doing a nationwide COVID vaccine mandate for workers.

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However, in blue states and especially deeply blue cities, the same cannot be said. On Monday, a citywide COVID vaccine mandate for lily blue Los Angeles, California went into practice.

This mandate bars unvaccinated individuals in Los Angeles from entering into indoor, public settings. Therefore, Los Angeles residents who are not pleased with the mandate took to the streets to peacefully protest, as noted by Breitbart News.

Dissent Against Los Angeles’ COVID Vaccine Mandate

In downtown Los Angeles, protesters convened on Monday to express their disagreement with the city’s mandate. Not only does the mandate bar unvaccinated folks from entering Los Angeles’ indoor facilities, but it also means city workers who refuse the COVID vaccine will lose their jobs.

Protesters gathered to express their opposition against such an aggressive edict. Many of the peaceful demonstrators were firefighters and other essential workers the nation called heroes in 2020. These folks are now on the chopping block to unemployment, thanks to this mandate.

Later, Antifa showed up at the event to stir up trouble. This is par for the course for Antifa, at this point. The far-left group has done the same thing to other protesters peacefully demonstrating against medical mandates in various parts of the United States.

The Unfortunate Truth

Los Angeles is a deeply blue city in a deeply blue state. With very few exceptions, leftists have collectively hitched their wagon to COVID mandates, regardless of what the science says.

At this time, there is no sign the city of Los Angeles plans to back down from its COVID vaccine mandate whatsoever. The city’s own Mayor Eric Garcetti tested positive for coronavirus, despite being completely vaccinated; nevertheless, the mandate still stands.

Los Angeles residents who are truly displeased with the COVID vaccine mandate in the city would do well to consider relocating. At this point, there is no getting through to people who have chosen to embrace medical mandates.

California is losing residents constantly as folks flee the leftist state. Time will tell whether or not Los Angeles’ COVID vaccine mandate makes more people depart from California altogether.

What do you think about Los Angeles residents protesting against the COVID vaccine mandate in the city? Do you believe these demonstrations will make a difference? We’d love to know your views in the comments section.