Los Angeles Demonstrators Now Urged to Self-Isolate Amid COVID-19

For over two weeks now, Americans have gathered to protest and often riot in the streets. In spite of previous calls for social distancing, these gatherings comprise hundreds of individuals, none of whom are staying six feet apart from one another.

Precautionary measures about coronavirus, for a time, seemed to have largely gone out the window. As the left descended into peak levels of social justice warrior-ism, just about everyone seemed to change their minds from the previous narrative; this narrative asserted that anyone who failed to social distance or stay home was “selfish” or uncaring towards the elderly.
Now, a new message from Los Angeles County is steering talks back to COVID-19. Fox News documents Los Angeles County’s urge for anyone who attended a demonstration to self-quarantine for 14 days.

The Message to Los Angeles Demonstrators

Los Angeles County is presently alleging that individuals who chose to engage in public demonstrations could be carriers of coronavirus.
Ultimately, only time will tell; if COVID-19 infections surge within the next few weeks, then at least some of that can be attributed to the mass gatherings; if not, then it’ll raise questions about why Americans were ever ordered to shelter-in-place and forego making a living.

Los Angeles County made its message clear to residents yesterday morning. In a tweet, the county noted that the Los Angeles Public Health Department advises two weeks of self-isolation for protesters/rioters; likewise, persons who participated in these marches are facing calls to keep their eyes out for coronavirus symptoms.
This warning comes in spite of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti praising demonstrators, even considering their often violent behavior. It’s also worth noting that Garcetti had a very different attitude towards public gatherings before they centered around George Floyd.
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