Lockdowns Drove American Families into a State of Financial Disarray!

In a move that surprised many Democrats, Robert F. Kennedy announced his run for president in 2024, presenting Sleepy Joe with one hell of a challenge come election season, seeing as very few on the left want to see him run for office again.

On top of stepping up to the plate to be an alternative candidate for Democrats, Kennedy also made a bold claim that the Biden administration’s insistent lockdowns during the pandemic nearly wiped out the middle-class American family.

COVID was too much for the average American

Kennedy presented the idea of straying further from the welfare economy, which is something China did years ago as a means of improving its economic state, focusing on building the economy from the inside out.

This isn’t the first time Kennedy made controversial claims that would go against everything the rest of Democrats stand for; he’s been a strong opponent of mandatory vaccination against the COVID-19 virus.

Kennedy went on to criticize the lockdowns that practically crippled our economy, referring to reports from Larry Summers, who found they cost the US somewhere around $16 trillion.

On top of this, $4 trillion was shifted from the middle class straight into the elites’ pockets, creating 500 new billionaires in a record-breaking time.

During the pandemic, billionaires who were already well off at the start like Gates, Zuckerberg, and Bezos, all increased their wealth by at least 30%, while the average American struggled to meet their daily needs.

Democrats finally present a worthy opponent

Fox News Neil Cavuto did challenge some of Kennedy’s points during an interview, as he would be heavily taxed by the wealth tax supported by Elizabeth Warren.

In response, Kennedy didn’t deny his family would end up paying for those stipulations, but he believes a huge disparity in wealth is less than healthy for our economy and democracy.

It’s hard to deny that the US is dealing with widespread poverty, and evenly distributing some of the wealth could definitely improve the financial state of middle-class families struggling to deal with the growing inflation rates and incoming recession.

That being said, Kennedy may be a bit optimistic about his presidential run; he claimed he was the best Democratic candidate to run against Donald Trump, alluding to the idea that Joe is unfit to do so.

Kennedy did liken himself to his father, RFK, who disagreed with Lyndon Johnson on a number of different matters, just like he is now in disagreement with Biden over the never-ending censorship of the White House’s critics.

Unlike the rest of the Democrats, Kennedy seems dedicated to protecting the Constitution and Americans’ rights, which is a breath of fresh air from that side of the political spectrum.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.