Local Mask Mandate Rejected by Texas Supreme Court

It is a tragedy that debates over masks in schools are still ongoing. There’s a very clear solution to all of this; that solution entails leaving it up to parents to decide whether or not their kids wear masks.

However, some people don’t want to do this. They are hellbent on the notion that every child must wear a mask, regardless of how their parents think or feel about that. It’s critical to point out that the absence of a mandate doesn’t stop any parent from having their child wear a mask, either.

Even as certain governors say no to widespread mandatory masking for children, there are still certain localities attempting to force through blanket mask mandates. This week, the Texas Supreme Court shut that down, as Washington Examiner reports.

The Ruling from the Texas Supreme Court

Weeks ago, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order barring the implementation of mask mandates for kids in schools. Both Governor Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton have also warned that defiance of the statewide ban against forced masking will be handled in the courts.

San Antonio learned this the hard way. Their school districts attempted to force through a mask mandate; however, the Texas Supreme Court shut it down. This ruling comes after various counties in the Lone Star State have failed in their attempts to defy Governor Abbott’s executive order.

Following the Texas Supreme Court’s decision, Paxton tweeted out an email for reference that parents can contact if Lone Star State schools are mandating masks for kids. The Texas attorney general also reminded that under the law, schools in Texas are not allowed to implement mask mandates.

Fighting Back Against Mandates

The ruling from the Texas Supreme Court is a win for freedom and a blow to tyranny. Nevertheless, continued pushback against these widespread, one size fits all mandates remains absolutely imperative.

No matter what justification is used, we cannot give up our rights as Americans. There are forces in this country who are willing to milk COVID for all it’s worth in an attempt to shut down people’s freedoms, giving rise to statism and authoritarianism. This is wrong and pushback against it is vital for whether or not America remains a free country.

At every turn, mandates must be shut down. Furthermore, the rights of the individual here in the United States must be preserved and defended, virus or not.

What do you think about the Texas Supreme Court striking down San Antonio’s school mask mandate? Do you view this as a win for freedom and liberty here in the United States? Let us know where you stand on this latest development down below in the comments section.