Liz Cheney: Republicans “Thank” Me for Going After Trump


Midterm elections are less than one year away. Many members of Congress are up for re-election and therefore seeking to defend their seats. However, with re-districting and other factors at play, fending off challengers is harder than ever for Democrats, more than ever.

Republicans are also running their own re-election campaigns. In the case of House Rep. Liz Cheney, she’s fighting off challenges from Trump-backed opposition. Earlier this year, Cheney incurred the wrath of the 45th president when she voted for his impeachment and began only speaking out against him.

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Despite pushback from the former president and his supporters, Cheney has never backed down. In fact, the Wyoming congresswoman says Republicans have secretly thanked her behind the scenes for going up against Trump, per Fox News.

The Latest from Liz Cheney

During an interview with Fox News, Cheney explained that Republicans are not as opposed to her as it may appear on the surface. Cheney declared, like her, many other Republicans are against former President Trump’s claims of election fraud, vote-rigging, and more.

Later, Cheney declared the focus on the Republican Party needs to be moving forward to the future. The Wyoming congresswoman then explained rejecting the 45th president is imperative in order for the GOP to thrive and have a reasonable future.

During another segment, Cheney talked about the danger of the Biden presidency, explaining the 2024 presidential election will be critical for the United States. The House lawmaker stated that America is seeing a major shift to the left which needs to change.

Finally, Cheney stressed the importance of Republicans being in the strongest position to provide substance and truth to the American public. The congresswoman, while talking, also made clear that she believes it’s critical to ensure Trump does not make another run for the White House.

Can Liz Cheney Win Another Term?

Whether or not Cheney manages to secure another term in Congress remains to be seen. At this time, the Trump base of the GOP is strongly committed to Cheney being out.

Republicans who are strongly pro-Trump have also accused the congresswoman of being a Republican In Name Only (RINO) and out of step with where the GOP is heading. Many of these folks also disagree with Cheney and believe the Republican Party should embrace Trump going forward.

Whether or not Cheney can win another term will test if Republicans in her state choose to re-elect her, in spite of her openly going up against the former president.

Do you believe GOP Rep. Liz Cheney when she says many Republicans come up to her behind the scenes and thank her for going up against former President Trump? Let us know if you think this is accurate in the comments section below.