Litigation of 2020 Presidential Election May Continue into 2021

"2020 Christmas Tree Lighting" (Public Domain) by The White House

The litigation of this year’s presidential race has proven to be an uphill battle for the Trump legal team, thus far. The reality here is this: even with signed and sworn affidavits of voter fraud and other evidence the president’s attorneys profess to have, the courts are still throwing out their cases.
Yesterday, the Nevada Supreme Court tossed out the Trump legal team’s appeal to overturn Biden’s win in the battleground state. Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court announced its refusal to hear the case Republicans wanted to bring forward regarding election irregularities in Pennsylvania.

“Marine One Takes Off” (Public Domain) by The White House

The above realities are just a few of many instances of the legal courts throwing out cases brought forward by the president’s attorneys. However, the aforementioned defeats happened as Sidney Powell’s grand “Kraken” lawsuits were also rejected by judges in both Georgia and Michigan.
As matters currently stand, there remains a real possibility of 2020 election litigation carrying into 2021, as Newsmax reports.

Pursuing All Legal Recourses in this 2020 Election

President Trump remains well within his rights to go through all legal options available to him in this election; much to the irritation of the president’s detractors, these are rights that he intends to exercise.
In a joint statement by Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani, both attorneys representing President Trump, the duo announced that January 6 marks “ultimate significance.”

January 6, 2021 will mark the date in which the U.S. Congress counts and certifies the Electoral College’s votes. Meanwhile, the counting and certification process of the Electoral College arrives this upcoming Monday, on December 14.
Ellis and Giuliani also mentioned in their statement that the only true, constitutional deadline to complete election litigation is on January 20, the date of inauguration for presidents. Thus far, the Trump legal team still has pending, ongoing, and unfinished lawsuits in multiple states.

Running Out the Clock

As the clock ticks, only time will tell whether or not the Trump legal team gets more wins in the courts than they’ve gotten thus far. President Trump continues to maintain that systematic voter fraud robbed him of a second presidential term; therefore, he is vowing to persist in fighting for a fair election without cheating.

As multiple states certify their votes with Biden as the professed winner, lawyers for the president are seeking to have these certifications reversed. The basis for reversing Biden certifications cites voter fraud, the manipulation of tabulation machines, and much more.
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