Liberals Were Quick To Jump On The #MyWhitePrivilege Bandwagon…but They Forgot This Important Tidbit

Over the weekend, liberals did their best to make ‘#MyWhitePrivilege’ trend on Twitter, as documented by Townhall.
The left-wing fetish for victimhood and oppression is nothing new. However, the anecdotal stories which were shared for the purpose of affirming the existence of so-called white privilege came crashing down in the face of cold, hard facts.

Everything You Need to Know

The ridiculous #MyWhitePrivilege campaign was comprised of tweets in which white liberals claimed to have experienced situations where they were treated favorably because of their skin color.
See for yourself:

Apparently, the people who tweeted with this silly hashtag didn’t realize that there are many factors which impact the outcome which one has in life. Being white does not automatically grant someone these amazing privileges which minorities do not have.
The woman who admitted to being caught trespassing in a backyard may have been shot if a man were in the home or if the woman who found them happened to be a different person. Likewise, a person of any color could have used their father’s card without having any issues at Target.

The Real Privilege is Money

One of the most interesting things about this attempt to make white privilege a real thing is the timing of it all. This conversation came right after Jussie Smollett faked a hate crime, yet managed to get off with no charges and have his record sealed. This is a feat which represents real privilege: money.
Privilege is America is definitely real. However, the left tragically fails to realize that privilege comes from money, not the color of one’s skin. Smollett obviously had friends in high places who were able to cut corners and get him off despite his criminal acts. This is something which often happens when one knows the right people.
Had someone with less money, white or black, staged a hate crime against themselves, they would rightfully be in trouble with the law; only, the charges against them wouldn’t magically vanish as they did with Smollett.
Next time liberals want to scream about white privilege from the rooftops, they need to remember the Smollett case.
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