Liberal Teacher Scrutinized for Giving Lewd Assignments

A high school teacher in Oregon is facing criticism after assigning students to write about their sexual fantasies.

Kirk Miller, who teaches health and coaches football at Churchill High School in Eugene, is also being scrutinized for having students play a game called “With Whom Would You Do It?”

The game involved spinning a wheel with categories such as oral and anal sex. Many parents and students have expressed outrage over Miller’s behavior, with some calling for him to be fired.

The school district has launched an investigation into the matter.

High School Teacher’s Controversial Assignment

One of the tasks for the high students in the month of February was to submit the initials of a classmate they had selected to take part in an x-rated activity.

The instructions that were handed out to the students read, “Fill out the handout with the initials of a male or female participant that you would like to participate in each activity with. You are free to use the same person for a variety of different activities.”

Students were given the task of writing about sexual kinks as part of Miller’s assignment for fantasy writing. Topics covered by the students included feathers and the use of flavored liquids.

The assignment said, “You will write a brief story with one or two paragraphs.” According to the instructions for the assignment, “this narration is a sexual imagination that will not include penetration or oral sex.”

The instructions continued:

“You are going to pick three items to include in your tale, such as flavored syrup, candles, romantic music, massage oil,¬†feathers, a tassel b, or sensual music with candles. Your narrative should show it’s possible to give and receive affectionate physical contact without engaging in sexual activities.”

School District Reviews Health Syllabus

Following the controversial assignment by Kirk Miller, the Principal of Churchill High School, Missy Cole declared the school administrators will be working together with district officials in examining the health syllabus.

In the email, Cole stated other children in the state are also being given the same assignments.

According to what was written in the email sent out by Cole, “At this time, the homework has been deleted from the class curriculum and is not going to be part of students’ grades.”

The Oregon Department of Education has given its stamp of approval to the Our Whole Lives curriculum, which is used by a number of school districts across the state.”

Cole also said parents can choose not to have their children do schoolwork if they want to.

At the beginning of each school year, parents get a syllabus. According to Peter Rudy, a representative for the Oregon Department of Education, the curriculum is not on their list of suggestions for the state.

“School districts choose which curriculum to utilize to meet Oregon standards and legal requirements, along with their local community, educators, and adolescent health specialists,” Rudy said.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.