Liberal Policies Causing Massive Homelessness in California

The policies of high taxes and massive government intervention continue to place many Californians at a significant disadvantage. A new report from Fox News showcases the disturbing surges of poverty and homelessness which are happening in California.

To make matters even worse, Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and others are seemingly content to go back-and-forth with President Trump, as opposed to helping the people who they claim to care most about.

The General Decline of California

As the inevitable downfall of leftist policies and sky-high taxes continues on, many Californians are suffering dearly as a result. Americans in The Golden State are unable to afford their rent; as a result, many of these people are being driven into homelessness. This becomes more and more apparent with sightings of tents, drug needles, individuals who are literally living on the side of the road, and much more.

John Nachbar, a manager for Culver City, has provided some first-hand insight into the steps being taken to deal with the massive issue of homelessness:

“We have a significant homeless population, but we’re very attentive and we follow the law. We’re a small city but we have significant resources dedicated to public safety.”

The Moral of the Story

At some point (if it hasn’t happened already), progressives will find a way to fault President Trump for what’s happening in California, but the reality is that the facts simply state otherwise. The president’s policies do not involve hiking taxes and increasing government control, but these are the benchmarks for progressive policies.

Unfortunately, many Californians are living with the consequences of these horrific policies. Individuals with the mean to leave the state have done so in many cases, but others are stuck and it’s not a pretty picture. In the end, Democrat policies always lead to destruction and ruin. It is most tragic that progressives have yet to wake up to the reality that they are responsible for the situation in California.

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