Lesson Plan About Victims of Communism Turned Down By Democrats

In America today, there is a quickly growing political divide over what is appropriate to teach to children and what is not. Many people are concerned about lessons such as critical race theory and others that are more rooted in political activism than legitimate education.

Amid this divide, some parents are opting to homeschool their children, rather than allow their children to become indoctrinated. The repeated instances of some teachers being caught sharing certain lessons, despite parents making their objections clear, also isn’t helping the situation.

In Virginia, an education proposal was initiated to teach kids about the victims of communism throughout history. Though according to Fox News, Democrats in Virginia shut this down.

The Reason Behind the Rejection

Virginia Democrats rallied against teaching lessons about communism’s history in the world after the teachers union Virginia Education Association (VEA) complained about it. VEA’s reasoning behind the complaint was rooted in the assertion that such a lesson could lead to racism against Asians.

Other Democrats deemed the course to be unnecessary, claiming that lesson plans already teach about the history of communism and its impacts on individuals.

Needless to say, many supporters of the education proposal are not agreeing with the reasons Democrats put out to explain their opposition.

In fact, Republicans stated that Democrats’ interest in not having kids learn about the victims of communism is purely driven by politics, rather than education-based interests.

This latest debate also arrives as more Democrats are being accused of supporting policies that are communist-leaning, if not openly communist themselves.

A Rough Time for Education in America

In the United States, access to education is getting harder, not easier. Across the country, teachers are in short supply. Many quit during COVID and went to take up jobs in other professions.

Teachers for special needs children are in notably short supply, as is childcare for young people. This latest squabble in Virginia does not bode well for America getting on the right track when it comes to education.

If things continue as they have been, more parents may opt to remove their children from public schools and begin homeschooling. The choice to homeschool will also allow parents to make the choices that they believe are best for their children.

In the long run, it remains to be seen what lies ahead for teachers, students, and the overall education of young people in this country. So far, a lot needs to change or there’s no telling what the future will look like.

Do you believe Virginia Democrats were wrong to block a measure that would have taught children about the victims of communist regimes throughout history? You’re welcome to sound off below in the comments area.