Leftist Congressional Spending Bills May be Doomed

The Democrat Party in Congress has embraced radicalism and rejected any premise that entails actually working across the aisle with Republicans…or with moderate Democrats like Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, who aren’t on board with the extremist wing of their party.

Because of this, radically left lawmakers are running into countless issues. Democrats’ own extremism is working against them. As things currently stand, the left is not going to be able to pass their $3.5 trillion spending package through the Senate.

52 senators (all 50 GOP members and Democrat Sens. Sinema and Manchin) are united against the legislation. Rather than acknowledging the reality of what it is, the radical wing of the Democrat Party is simply further digging in its heels, per Washington Examiner.

A Predicament of Democrats’ Own Making

Right now, bipartisan conflict exists over the appropriate details, cost, and magnitude of the bills Democrats are trying to get passed into law. The radically left lawmakers want free handouts, climate change proposals, and a litany of other measures that the country can’t afford.

Meanwhile, Republicans and moderate Democrats like Manchin and Sinema are not on board. These individuals maintain that a free-for-all society and one where individuals feel entitled to be coddled by the government is not feasible or advisable.

The deadline for lawmakers to come to an agreement is on October 31. However, all signs indicate Democrats are going to need to push this deadline. These are key parts of Biden’s radical agenda that leftists hoped to pass into law long ago.

Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, has since shied away from the October 31 deadline she once touted. In some of Pelosi’s latest remarks, she told the public the bill will come to the floor when votes to pass it are present.

Holding the Line Against Radical Democrats

At this time, it is deeply imperative to hold the line against the extreme communist agenda that Democrats like Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer seek to pass.

With Republicans only having 50 seats in the Senate, it’s a miracle that moderate Democrats like Sinema and Manchin are truly willing to stand up to the radicals in their party.

If Democrat lawmakers across the board were serious about passing legislation, they’d be working on a bill that moderate Democrats and Republicans can also get on board with.

However, it is painfully obvious now that Democrats only care about the radical wing of their party and about passing radical agendas. It’s why they’ve been harassing and bullying Sinema and Manchin; yet, neither of these senators are bowing to the woke mob.

Do you think Republicans and moderate Democrat lawmakers can keep holding the line against the radical spending bills of Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer? Let us get your predictions in the comments area below.