Left-Leaning Media Once Again Trying to Demonize the GOP

Two weeks ago, America witnessed a gruesome act unfold at a Nashville middle school, leaving millions of Americans shaken by what happened.

Three children and three adults were killed by a transgender shooter that day on March 27th. Instead of addressing this growing issue among the transgender youth, the left went after responsible gun owners and conservatives in general.

Didn’t take too long for the media to blame Nashville shooting on conservatives

Apparently, exercising and respecting the 1st and 2nd Amendments to a great degree is now considered to be “selfish” and makes a person into a “monster,” even though we’re yet to see a violent act like this get carried out by some far-right kook.

The hypocrisy extends far past just demonizing Republicans over the shooting; the media is spinning every story in a way that portrays them in a negative light.

Just a few weeks before the Nashville shooting, American actress Jane Fonda was on ABC’s The View, where she claimed she would shoot pro-life activists on sight if she could; yet, DeSantis’ battle for the safety of our children is viewed as “fascist.”

It’s almost as if the entirety of the left-leaning media banded together to ruin the reputation of the GOP and its members, despite the fact they’re the only ones concerned with the safety and the well-being of the American people.

Everything that’s American is being taken away

Immediately after the shooting, MSNBC decided to criticize the many law-abiding gun owners in this country, calling them selfish monsters and claiming the right has an unhealthy enthusiasm for firearms.

It’s not all about guns, either. Just about anything that goes against the left’s anti-American nature gets labeled as fascism, including the removal of “drag shows for children.”

Who in their right mind would even sign off on an event where men dressed in revealing women’s clothing are to “perform” in front of children and minors, even including them in their acts?

When Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a bill restricting these “shows,” the left-leaning crowd was livid, claiming it to be an art form that dates back centuries, even though there’s little to no evidence to actually support that narrative.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.