Left Celebrates the Firing of Tucker Carlson From Fox News

Tucker Carlson was a vocal opponent of wokeness in the U.S. military, as well as American involvement in the Ukraine conflict throughout his time at Fox News.

Tucker Carlson is Fired

There are folks inside the Pentagon who are extremely happy about what’s happened, given that he is no longer on Fox News. Of course, these bullies left anonymous comments.

Tucker Carlson’s exit from Fox is celebrated by the deep state with unidentified leaks.

Senior-level individuals in President Joe Biden’s Department of Defense allegedly expressed excitement and unabashed joy at Tucker Carlson’s exit from Fox News while speaking to Politico under the pretext of secrecy.

Parts of shows on Tucker Carlson by Carlson Tonight often lambasted the U.S. military’s senior leadership for being “woke.” Politico even reported on this. According to them, government officials applaud Tucker Carlson’s dismissal, saying, “Good riddance.”

The military service was an especially popular target for Carlson, who slammed things from pregnancy flight gear to inclusion guidelines and providing assistance for Ukraine. Some Pentagon employees are privately celebrating his leaving the air.

Some of the rank-and-file, particularly a sizable percentage of conservative members, found Carlson’s condemnation of Biden’s personnel decisions to be compelling.

The announcement of Carlson’s dismissal from Fox News on Monday, however, was received with joy and downright ecstasy in some quarters of the Defense Department’s highest levels.

Left Celebrates

Despite him bashing the troops to the faces of hundreds of thousands of citizens each evening, we are better as a nation, according to a top DoD insider.

The insider, along with the other individuals contacted for this story, requested anonymity to speak about a delicate political issue. Another DoD representative remarked, “Good riddance.”

When asked to comment on reports that DoD officials are happy with his exit from Fox, Carlson texted back, “Ha! I’m certain. He chooses not to provide more commentary.”

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.