Leading Black Republican Preparing Run for 2024?

Senator Tim Scott is a leading black conservative who’s been representing South Carolina since 2013. He’s always been on board with the America First agenda. Scott is not shy about his love of this country and his support for the Constitution.

Scott is now considering a 2024 presidential run. He is being propelled forward by able operator Jennifer Decasper, who has worked for him for many years.

Now, she’s going to do her level best to get him to the White House. Though with former President Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida waiting in the wings, what is the path forward for Scott? Let’s take a look…

Scott Supporting GOP Candidates in Midterms

Scott and DeCasper have been working together since 2015. She’s now resigned from her job as chief of staff for the senator, however, and opened a consulting firm to help Scott get to the Oval Office.

Campaign spending can get very high. Scott has already shown he’s serious about running. So far, he’s mainly been focused on his endorsements and campaigning for several other candidates since the middle of the year.

He’s doing his best to get them into office in the upcoming midterms, but it’s clear Scott also has political ambitions himself that go beyond his current role in the Senate.

Scott is expected to still participate in the political campaigns of other Republican candidates in different states before the end of the year.

By 2020, the PAC in favor of Scott had already invested a lot, amounting to about $17 million to support the political campaigns of more than 12 candidates.

Scott’s Path to the White House

Rumors have surfaced that Scott is preparing a nationwide campaign, due to some trips to strategic locations including Iowa and New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is the first in the nation to hold a primary. Iowa kicks off the presidential process with its caucusing.

To date, Scott has traveled more than six states that are important in the primary election race, including Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Georgia; he’s been building up support.

Larry Ellison, a tech mogul, gave his campaign fund more than $20 million. A few days ago, Benjamin Navarro, a philanthropist and South Carolina businessman, also donated $2.5 million.

It seems Scott is at least doing his best to prepare for a respectable run for president and he’s got a lot of confidence in DeCasper to raise his profile.

What’s not entirely clear is how he would hope to beat out the growing momentum that’s behind both Trump and DeSantis.

The Bottom Line

It is not yet 100% confirmed that Scott will run for president in 2024.

Though if he does run, he’s already shown he has the ability to raise funds. He could be a strong third choice for voters, especially if Trump and DeSantis both fall through for any reason.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.