Lawsuit Against DeSantis Administration Tossed Out of Court

In 2022, many Democrats were furious when Republican governors began giving migrants free transportation to sanctuary cities and other communities run by leftists who have openly condoned illegal immigration.

This began because states like Texas and Arizona were overwhelmed by the heavy volume of folks arriving at the southern border. In a nutshell, these communities don’t have the bandwidth to deal with high border crossing rates.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was viciously attacked by the left after delivering migrants free rides to Martha’s Vineyard. Democrats even brought a lawsuit against the Florida governor over this.

Though the lawsuit was just tossed out of court, according to the Tampa Free Press.

A Closer Look at the Failed Lawsuit

In court, Florida Democratic Sen. Jason Pizzo claimed that giving migrants transportation to Martha’s Vineyard breached constitutional regulations because of how the state’s budget was used to accommodate this transit.

Nevertheless, a judge in Leon County ended up doing away with the litigation against the DeSantis administration. In an unexpected twist, Mark Herron, the lawyer representing the Florida state senator, called to end the legal action.

Critics have stated Pizzo’s lawsuit was nothing more than theatrical, with his attorney withdrawing the litigation being used as supportive evidence of this claim. Nevertheless, the judge also stated the tossing of the litigation doesn’t mark a verdict in favor of or against it.

Be that as it may, this still marks a win for the DeSantis administration in the bigger picture.

Attorneys representing the Florida governor’s administration had responded to the litigation by noting the state legislature passed a law that enables migrants to be transported to other communities.

Pizzo claims because the state legislature made this call, he and his team ultimately achieved what they were after.

More on Illegal Immigration

DeSantis maintains that he’s not going to idly sit by while the Biden administration keeps letting illegal immigration spiral out of control.

This is why the Florida governor proposed new actions that will help the state combat illegal immigration. Since the federal government is not doing the job on the watch of the Biden administration, states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona have been forced to pick up the slack.

Right now, DeSantis is also in the limelight amid reports that he may announce a 2024 presidential run later this spring.

That remains to be seen; however, the Florida governor has been clear he’s going to remain focused on policy and delivering results for the people of his state.

What are your thoughts about the outcome of the lawsuit against the DeSantis administration? Do you believe the Florida governor’s new proposals to take on illegal immigration will work out well? You’re free to share your thoughts about this in the comments section.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.