Latest Superhero Series From the MCU Casts Drag Queen!

"Carrera Drag CDMX" by Ana Karenina

Disney’s productions have been the joy of several generations.

It’s practically the image the studio built up over the years, being a show of America’s traditional values, while also remaining fairly tame for anyone to watch.

However, times are changing. Disney is making a step forward into “woke” territory, where things aren’t as kid-friendly as the left is trying to make you believe, this time with the inclusion of a drag queen as a character on a series.

“Marvel” by spablab

Rated G for “Groomer”

According to reports, an all-star from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Shea Coulee will be making an appearance as a recurring character on Marvel’s latest Ironheart series, with many liberals blowing this way out of proportion.

While it’s certainly a first, the move itself is more concerning than it is “progressive,” especially given the recent developments with the drag community trying to normalize shows where young children are present, sometimes even performing.

That didn’t stop Coulee from breaking into tears over winning the role though. He claimed it was his dream all along to cross over into a more “mainstream” entertainment sphere; although it’s evident that Marvel’s series tend to flop after the first few episodes.

Naturally, Coulee’s character will also be in drag. This is a development everyone could’ve expected, given Disney and the MCU’s tendencies to go above and beyond when it comes to pandering to minority groups.

Disney’s climb up the woke hill

As it stands, Disney’s characters have been getting increasingly “progressive” over the years. There are dozens of openly gay characters, including none other than Spiderman himself, much to the dismay of his late creator, Stan Lee.

A character in drag is certainly a first for the company; although it’s fair to say it won’t be their last, given the amount of money they’ll be raking in with the show’s diversity score.

“Representation” has overshadowed good writing when it comes to entertainment these days. Pleasing a crowd is as easy as writing a gay, trans, and disabled rendition of an already beloved character, despite the massive amount of actual fans that will be lost.

In accord with the inclusion of a drag star, the show’s rating also got a little update, with some Rated R content soon to be available on Disney’s streaming platforms. What a great look for a family entertainment company, indeed!

We’ve reached a point where drag shows are available to watch on family-oriented streaming platforms, with the trend of grown men dressing up in women’s attire gaining significant traction in liberal circles.

If anything, we can hope the hype will die down soon enough, as reason and common sense haven’t done much to prevent the Democrats from promoting these child-friendly drag characters.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.