Latest: Judge Tosses Out Manafort's Plea Deal. Here's Why.

On Wednesday, Judge Amy Berman Jackson threw out the plea deal of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, as documented by Townhall.

Reviewing the Plea Deal

According to Judge Jackson, Manafort’s acceptance of his plea deal came with terms and conditions. To be specific, those terms and conditions mandated that Manafort “cooperate fully, truthfully, completely and forthrightly with the government.” However, the judge stated that Manafort breached the aforementioned mandate when he lied to special counsel Robert Mueller. Therefore, Judge Jackson ruled that Manafort’s plea deal no longer stands.
She also stated that the former Trump campaign chairman “intentionally made multiple false statements to the FBI, the OSC [office of the special counsel] and the grand jury concerning matters that were material to the investigation.”

The Russia Investigation

News of Manafort’s tossed plea deal comes as the Russia investigation remains underway. Many reports have indicated that the probe is nearing its conclusion, but thus far, it’s still ongoing. Conservatives have largely noted the massive waste which the investigation has had on American taxpayer dollars.
As President Trump has stated on multiple occasions, the Russia investigation is politically motivated and a left-wing attempt to take him down. The probe has been ongoing since 2017 and throughout the entire time, not a shred of evidence of collusion between the president and the Russian government has presented itself.
That ought to speak volumes.
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