Kyle Rittenhouse Hit with ‘Shock’ Shooting Lawsuit

Kyle Rittenhouse, before the eyes of the entire nation and the whole world, was proven innocent during his trial for murder amid the 2020 woke riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

That apparently means nothing to far-left extremists as a man Rittenhouse shot back then is now suing him once again in a development the defendant is describing as a “little bit of a shock.”

Laughable Lawsuit

In November 2021, Kyle Rittenhouse, 20 years old today, was acquitted of murder and other charges after he shot dead two men and wounded a third.

The jury unequivocally found that Rittenhouse, 17 at the time, acted in self-defense after he was viciously attacked and his life hung by a thread.

Regardless of that, however, Gaige Grosskreutz, the man who Rittenhouse wounded in the arm after he pointed a gun at him, is now suing the acquitted young man anew, Fox News reported.

Grosskreutz demands economic compensation because of “damages” that he sustained as a result of the incident in terms of “emotional distress, humiliation,” and even “loss of enjoyment of life.”

The lawsuit documents declare it was “astonishing” that law enforcement in Kenosha, Wisconsin, didn’t “treat” Rittenhouse and other armed persons who were patrolling the streets in August 2020 as safety threats.

The lawsuit, which was filed by Grosskreutz’s attorneys on February 14, claims the Kenosha police and sheriff’s office “conspired with these armed” people, and approved their actions by allowing them to patrol the city.

Never mind that the likes of Kyle Rittenhouse were only seeking to defend the life, property, and public order threatened by criminal actions.

The laughable lawsuit against Rittenhouse was filed by attorneys E. Milo Schwab from Ascend Counsel and Kimberley Motley from Motley Legal Services.

Admitting Wrongdoing, Then Suing

Reacting to the lawsuit, Kyle Rittenhouse said in a Fox News interview that he was prepared to “prove” his “innocence” once again if he had to. At the same time, however, he pointed out that a new trial would impose a “hefty price tag” on him.

During Rittenhouse’s murder trial, Grosskreutz admitted he pointed his pistol at the defendant before the latter shot him in the arm. At the same time, Grosskreutz claimed he raised his hands going towards Rittenhouse without the intention to shoot him.

In reaction to the new lawsuit, in which Grosskreutz is claiming compensation for damages, Rittenhouse declared it came as a “little bit of a shock.”

Rittenhouse wondered how Grosskreutz could be filing a new lawsuit after admitting during the previous trial that it was he who pointed his gun in the former’s face after having chased him down.

The ridiculous far-left individual’s lawsuit claims he has been living with “physical and emotional wounds” as a result of the incident.

Besides Rittenhouse, it also seeks compensation from the city of Kenosha, six counties, police chiefs, officers, and a former sheriff.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.