Kooky AOC Compares Illegal Immigration to the Holocaust

House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is sadly in the news, yet again. This time, she’s making headlines for the rhetoric she peddled on her Instagram Live, as reported by Fox News.

Now, this particular congresswoman is known for making silly and foolish declarations, but her latest remarks truly make the list of the top five dumbest statements ever.

A Closer Look at AOC’s Most Recent Statements

According to Ocasio-Cortez, the situation at the Southern border is comparable to the Holocaust. As absurd as it may be, this congresswoman actually believes that apprehending individuals who illegally enter the United States is the same as processing people into concentration camps to be tortured and murdered.

Of course, sensible and rationally thinking individuals know that there are no parallels between the situation at the Southern border and the Holocaust. However, Ocasio-Cortez has never really been accused of sensibility or rational thought. Her statements are very much indicative of who she is and how she thinks.

In AOC’s own words:

In all honesty, it’s a shame that progressives continue to partake in this sort of strawmanning and lying to the American people about President Trump and various Trump-era policies; as shameful as these lies are, there is a political strategy behind them and it’s important that Americans are cognizant of this strategy.

The Strategy Behind the Lies

When progressives lie about their political opponents, it accomplishes several objectives for them: one, they get to spin a narrative and avoid addressing the real issue. (In the case of Ocasio-Cortez, by accusing President Trump of running concentration camps, she doesn’t have to address the real issue of illegal immigration.)

Secondly, progressives get the added bonus of demonizing their opponents and subsequently presenting themselves as the humane allies which everyone needs. We saw this during AOC’s Instagram Livestream where expressed her interest in talking to Americans who care about “humanity.”

The left-wing has been playing this game for quite some time, but it’s getting less and less original. Apprehending illegal immigration does not translate to operating concentration camps by any stretch of the imagination. Enforcing immigration laws is not evil, either.

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