Kirsten Gillibrand Denounces "Cruel" President Trump

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is one of many Democrats who hopes to take on President Trump in the 2020 election. As such, she is following suit with her in-party competition and taking swipes at the president.

According to the senator, the Trump administration lacks accomplishments and wholesome motivations. Gillibrand’s accusations come amidst news that an Obamacare regulation is being rewritten, as documented by Fox News.

A Closer Look at Gillibrand’s Statements on Trump

If you let Gillibrand tell it, President Trump is a terrible, evil monster whose only central agenda involves hurting the American people. This is not an original talking point, nor it is new; Democrats regularly make claims of this sort against the president, despite their lack of supporting evidence. Nevertheless, Gillibrand took to Twitter in order to air her concerns.

See for yourself:

The Strawman Argument

Making emotional arguments for shock value has become another common trademark amongst the Democrat Paty. How often have Americans heard Democrats claim that Republicans and conservatives are racist, sexist, bigoted, etc? Yet there are zero facts to back this up. Democrats know that vilifying their political opposition is their only real shot at winning elections…but it’s becoming less and less effective because Americans are waking up.

The people of this great nation want to hear about real policy and real proposals which will actually make a difference. Simply pointing the finger at the other side isn’t working as well for Democrats as it did before. People are waking up and the games which the left wing loves to play during election time are becoming more transparent.

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