Kevin McCarthy Under Pressure to Oust Pelosi as House Speaker


Many conservatives are not pleased with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Days ago, Pelosi blocked GOP Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks from serving on the committee to probe the events of January 6, 2021.

Apparently, having these Republicans on the committee was not to the House Speaker’s liking; shortly after Pelosi’s decision, however, rumors surfaced that she’d prefer to have GOP Rep. Liz Cheney serving on the committee. 

Needless to say, Republicans are not on board with Pelosi’s decision regarding Reps. Jordan and Banks. In fact, the House Freedom Caucus is now calling for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to take action resulting in Pelosi’s removal as House Speaker, according to Townhall

Newfound Pressure Facing the House Minority Leader

This week, the GOP House Freedom Caucus wrote a letter to Leader McCarthy. In this letter, the top House Republican is urged to promptly move against the “authoritarian” rule of Pelosi’s speakership. The caucus furthermore aims for Leader McCarthy to introduce a “privileged motion” before August to get Pelosi out of office as House Speaker. 

The House Freedom Caucus held nothing back in their letter. They stated that Pelosi is ultimately ruining the House of Representatives; moreover, Pelosi faces accusations of blocking House Republicans from appropriately representing their constituents. 

Aside from barring Reps. Jordan and Banks from the January 6 committee, Pelosi also took heat for forcing House members to go through metal detectors and permitting proxy voting. Apparently, the stunt that Pelosi pulled in blocking the aforementioned GOP representatives from the January 6 committee was the final straw. 

The House Freedom Caucus concluded its letter to Leader McCarthy with a very clear message. The GOP group maintained that so long as Pelosi is House Speaker, she’ll continue destroying the House of Representatives for her own benefit. 

What is Leader McCarthy’s Next Move? 

The letter from the House Freedom Caucus is making headlines, especially across right-wing media. Many Americans are now wondering what McCarthy’s next move will be; a great number of conservatives maintain the view that Pelosi’s time as House Speaker needs to come to an end. 

Thus far, McCarthy has not formally introduced a motion to get Pelosi out of the speakership position. Time will tell whether or not the House Minority Leader does what the House Freedom Caucus wants him to. 

Earlier this week, McCarthy held a press conference regarding Pelosi’s blocking of Reps. Jordan and Banks. McCarthy slammed Pelosi for behaving like a dictator; he also questioned what, exactly, the House Speaker is so afraid of. 

Do you believe Leader Kevin McCarthy should move to have Nancy Pelosi removed from her position as House Speaker? Let us know your views about Pelosi’s role as House Speaker below in the comments section.