Kevin McCarthy Lands a Key Endorsement From Former President Trump

This year’s midterm races may be some of the most impactful elections the nation has ever seen.

November’s elections will determine the power balance in Congress and how much power Biden has to carry out his agenda during the second half of his time in the White House.

Republicans have momentum on their side.

For starters, the party in power generally loses the midterms during off-year elections. On top of this, all the problems that have transpired under current leadership are not good for Democrats politically.

As the midterms play out, former President Trump is making known who he thinks should win elections. As noted by The Hill, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy just secured the endorsement of the former president.

A Close Review of Trump’s Endorsement of McCarthy

Yesterday, the former president took to Truth Social to give a ringing endorsement to his ally in Congress.

Trump praised McCarthy as “outstanding” and a firm defender of conservative policies amid a president that’s ruining the country.

The former president also said McCarthy’s done a great job of advocating for the people he’s representing in California.

At this time, House Republicans appear very likely to win back the chamber that’s currently controlled by Democrats. If this does happen, then the position of House Speaker will be open again.

This is a role that McCarthy is believed to be well in line for. Having the support of Trump behind him will definitely be a factor that works in his favor.

Flipping the House Red Again

Like other House Republicans, Kevin McCarthy has been hard at work to ensure the chamber isn’t controlled by Democrats after November.

The House Minority Leader has been raising money via super PACs and ensuring that Republicans with elections this year are well-funded. This will play a very huge role in the general elections when GOP candidates find themselves up against Democrats.

House Republicans have assured they will hold Biden accountable if they win back the majority. Under a Democratic majority, the current House of Representatives has largely rallied behind the president, voting for his legislation.

This will change if Republicans take back the House of Representatives. A GOP-controlled House would likewise break the current monopoly of power that Democrats have over the federal government.

A Republican-led House would also be the beginning of restoring checks and balances back to the federal government once again. It would force the president to actually work across the aisle, rather than relying on getting his legislation passed via party vote alone.

Do you think having the endorsement of former President Trump will work in the favor of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy? Don’t hold back your thoughts in the comments area.