Kentucky Does About-Face on Phased Reopening

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Different states across the country are developing their own approaches to managing reported spikes in COVID-19 cases.
While certain measures vary, many leaders appear all too eager to bring communities back into shelter-in-place mode while slamming businesses with shutdown orders or restrictions that greatly complicate the reopening process.

Some conservatives believe that such measures are ultimately happening to sabotage President Trump’s chances of winning a second term in office.
Now, reports from Washington Examiner state that Kentucky is reversing its phased reopening plan while penalizing businesses with new limitations.

A Closer Look at Renewed COVID-19 Restrictions in Kentucky

At this time, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D) is citing news of additional coronavirus cases as a reason to roll things back.

Under the governor’s orders, bars throughout the state are now mandated to shut down again for 14 days; on top of this, restaurants throughout Kentucky may now only operate at 25% capacity.
Beshear has additionally stated that bars which serve food to patrons will be held to the same guidelines as restaurants throughout the state. Earlier this week, the Kentucky governor furthermore deemed reported coronavirus surges in the state as “undeniable.”
Beshear also professed that Kentucky residents remain “at war” with COVID-19 and must “fight back” against it.

Mandatory Masking in Kentucky

Like many other states across the nation, Kentucky is under a mandate for residents to wear face masks in public spaces. However, Governor Beshear’s mask requirement is set to last for one month, rather than indefinitely, unless he chooses to extend it.
Face mask mandates, in many ways, have garnered more controversy than even shutdowns. Several major U.S. retailers issued mask requirements for customers last week; many of these companies then walked the mandates back due to concerns about backlash.

Across the nation, several police sheriffs have openly professed their unwillingness to uphold mandatory masking. Lawsuits in various states are also present as more Americans push back against compulsory face coverings.
Ultimately, time will tell how Kentucky residents respond to new shutdowns on top of a mask requirement. Over the past few weeks, resistance against coronavirus restrictions has surged in other states across the nation.
What do you think about new restrictions imposed upon bars and restaurants in Kentucky? Do you think Governor Beshear will extend his mandatory face mask order after it expires? Let us know your opinions and viewpoints down below in the comments section.