Katie Britt Unveils the Truth the Dems Have Been Hiding From You!

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you may already know the left is strictly against policing and would rather that aspect be left in the hands of the people.

Of course, this only applies when they’re the ones doing the protesting. Freshman Senator Katie Britt showed everyone the ugly truth the Democrats have been hiding from us.

Libs fight for equality…when it’s in their favor

Protesters have been gathering outside Supreme Justices’ houses ever since the Roe v. Wade trademark decision was overturned.

It turns out the US Marshals guarding these properties have been instructed not to make any arrests, even though it’s previously been stated they’re given a free hand in regard to this.

The left labeled this as an attack on women’s rights across the entire nation, which quickly turned into protests at a judge’s home. This is a clear violation of a federal statute that prohibits protests with the intent to influence a court ruling.

However, it’s gone past just peaceful protesting. In June last year, a man from California was arrested as he’d attempted to murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh in his Maryland home, claiming he’d done it because he was angry about the changes to abortion laws and guns.

Keep Garland out of the Supreme Court

Merrick Garland spoke up on the protests and the intense policing that’s currently necessary outside the justices’ homes, stating he’d like to see the Supreme Court police take over the job at some point.

Garland is making it seem almost as if protecting the justices of the Supreme Court is an inconvenience for the DOJ, even though one would assume the highest level of our country’s judicial branch would be the priority here.

One can only imagine what we’d be dealing with, had Mitch McConnell not denied Garland his seat on the Supreme Court. He’s proven time and time again to be nothing more than a hack lacking the intellect that a member of the Supreme Court should have.

According to Garland, the Marshals are instructed not to make arrests, as it could lead to some legal challenges in the long run, meaning the safety of Supreme Court justices takes second place, due to a couple of potential lawsuits.

“Rules for thee, but not for me” seems to be the left’s main agenda at this point and they’ve certainly polished it to perfection.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.