Karine Jean-Pierre Makes False Claim: Unlawful Immigration Down by 90%

Individuals on Twitter attacked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre when she claimed after President Biden’s immigration policy went into effect, illegal immigration decreased by 90%.

More Lies From the White House

A journalist challenged Jean-Pierre about Biden’s ideas for handling illegal immigration during the press briefing on Monday.

The press secretary emphasized that Biden already made attempts on his very first day in this office to rectify the shattered immigration structure and praised his purported accomplishments.

Jean-Pierre claimed Biden has measures that he employed in the interim to ensure they carry out this. They genuinely handle the immigration system humanely and in a way that addresses the situation at the border with Mexico.

For that reason, Americans have seen how well the parolee program works and noticed a reduction in illegal immigration of more than 90%. That’s as a result of the steps this administration has made, she said.

Though they are aware that additional action is required, Jean-Pierre continued. Therefore, legislative action is needed. They’ll keep calling Congress to request that. Therefore, this is significant to the president. He made an effort on day one.

Social media commenters criticized the assertion that illegal immigration decreased by over 90%. There were multiple occasions during the Biden administration when unlawful crossings of the border reached record highs.

Chuck Ross, a reporter who investigates issues for the Washington Free Beacon, said this is possibly the greatest lie told on the White House podium to date in 2023.

Contributing editor Karen Townsend of HotAir enquired as to how Jean-Pierre still has her job. Mike Sperazza, host of the Financial Guys Podcast, said the White House believes the American population is ignorant.

Americans Aren’t Fooled

Stephen Miller, who was previously a top adviser to Trump, claimed America is enduring the biggest influx of unlawful border crossings in human and world history. He said Jean-Pierre’s comments are not even close to reality.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.