Kari Lake Sets Off on Her Europe Tour, Promoting the MAGA Agenda

To no one’s surprise, Kari Lake has continued to promote Trump’s candidacy and MAGA agenda even outside the US. She’s even announced she’ll be meeting with some foreign leaders in Europe, more specifically, Hungary.

During the CPAC Hungary event, Lake is set to have meetings with the country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who decided to put the safety of his people ahead of the safety of Ukrainians.

Hungary’s conservative politics are as strong as ever

Earlier this year, Orban told Zelenskyy off for constantly asking for more money, asserting that Hungary will not be involving itself with the conflict in Ukraine, as it’s not in the best interest of the Hungarian people.

Kari Lake was welcomed to Budapest by the Center for Fundamental Rights, which is a research institute funded by conservatives, announcing she’ll be opening day two of CPAC Hungary.

On top of welcoming the proud MAGA warrior to their country, the CFR showed praise for her stance on the Ukrainian conflict, reiterating her statement that the war needs to end in a peace agreement ASAP.

Before traveling to one of Europe’s last remaining conservative countries, Lake addressed her upcoming meeting with Viktor Orban, claiming she’s got incredible amounts of respect for the man, what he’s done for his people, and every nation deserves a leader like him.

Budapest welcomes Kari Lake

The avid Trump supporter also added she believes her trip to Hungary will present her with a number of opportunities to discuss ideas and solutions that have the people as a top priority.

The EU tour is going to come to an end in London, where Lake will have a meeting with some of the country’s top conservative minds next week, after which she’ll be returning to implement those ideas here in the US.

After revealing the itinerary of her journey across Europe, Lake posted a picture from an interview with the Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet. She was labeled as one of the most important speakers at this year’s CPAC Hungary event.

To show just how beloved American conservative figures are in Hungary, the country’s press didn’t stop talking about Lake’s visit to Budapest and her being chosen to open day two of CPAC Hungary.

Magyar Nemzet described her as a strong opponent of illegal immigration, a family-friendly figure, and an uncompromising, adamant politician.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.