Kari Lake Demands Jailing of Arizona Election Officials

In Arizona, Republican Kari Lake ran a hard-fought campaign in order to become the state’s next governor. Lake sat down for countless interviews and even hosted an Ask Me Anything Tour that involved going across the state of Arizona to answer voters’ questions.

However, despite Lake’s campaign, she still ended up losing to Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs by about 17,000 votes. This came as a shock to many people since Hobbs wasn’t as visible as Lake on the campaign trail and even refused to debate her.

Nevertheless, there are some aspects of Lake’s campaign that potentially turned off the voters she needed to make it across the finish line.

For one thing, Lake ingratiated herself with former President Trump. This no doubt curried favor with Arizona Republicans. However, it very well could have turned off Arizona Independents and some Democrats that might have otherwise voted for Lake.

On top of this, Lake also insulted late Arizona Sen. John McCain, telling McCain Republicans to “get the hell out” of an event she was hosting. Now, after losing to Hobbs, Lake is claiming without evidence that her election was rigged in Hobbs’ favor.

Lake’s most recent demand now calls for the jailing of Arizona election officials in Maricopa County, according to The Hill.

An Absolute Clown Show

During an event at Turning Point USA in Phoenix, Lake declared that Maricopa County election officials are “crooks” who ought to be locked up behind bars.

The Arizona Republican continues to argue this election was botched and stolen from her because of issues with Maricopa County’s tabulators on Election Day.

However, Maricopa County officials have pointed out numerous times that backup methods were employed so everyone could cast a ballot.

In spite of this, Lake also told the Turning Point USA crowd that she’s willing to take her loss all the way up to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Though there is a high chance that the Supreme Court would reject even hearing Lake’s case, due to a lack of standing and evidence to support her claims of voter fraud.

A 2.0 Version of 2020

During the 2020 presidential election, former President Trump alleged too that the race was rigged and stolen from him.

Yet, every single challenge that his attorneys brought before the courts was tossed out and rejected. This includes judges who were Republicans themselves and Trump-appointed at that.

Thus far, what Lake has chosen to do regarding her loss in the Arizona gubernatorial election seems slated for a similar outcome.

What do you think about Arizona Republican Kari Lake saying that Maricopa County election officials are “crooked” and ought to be behind bars? Please let us know in the comments area if you agree or disagree with this rhetoric.